An overview of the australian islands whitsundays

Explore this amazing part of the world and discover the beauty of islands like Long, Hamilton, Hayman and Daydream with a short sailing trip or skipper your own yacht and explore at your own leisurely pace.

Swim at one of the many secluded beaches and witness the incredible marine life which calls the fringing reefs around the islands home.

Yachties generally report average wind speeds of between knots. Relax with a sunset cocktail on board your vessel or by the resort pool. Whitsundays Sailing A stunning group of islands off the Queensland coast, the Whitsundays are the ideal holiday destination to see on the water.

The majority of the Whitsunday Islands are uninhabited national park islands, but four islands offer a variety of resort accommodation, all with the Great Barrier Reef and fringing coral reefs at their doorstep.

Activities Whitsunday holidays can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you like. Enjoy this stunning natural wonder at your own pace and unwind on the beach with a swim in the crystal waters and delight in the breathtaking views of explore the 74 islands with a range of land, sea and air tours and activities.

As the International Date Line had not yet been established, the day of discovery was actually Whit Monday. Camping is available at eight camping areas on the three islands. Let the spectacular landscape and endless horizon dotted with islands wash over you as you experience the ultimate in adventure and relaxation.

Packages can include accommodation, meals, transfers, flights, tours and more! The islands received aboutvisitors between March and March Drop anchor and explore the region top to bottom by snorkelling the pristine waters.

A true paradise, the clear protected waters of the Whitsunday Islands lends itself to some of the best sailing in the southern hemisphere, so why not hire charter a yacht or go bareboating skipper yourself and be the captain of your own crew!

Facts The Whitsunday Islands were formed more than million years ago after volcanic activity formed mountainous terrain that remained connected to the mainland coast. It is also a holiday destination in itself, with vibrant townships, stunning scenery, beautiful waterfalls and walking tracks through ancient rainforest.

There really is something for everyone in the Whitsundays! Tourism[ edit ] The Whitsunday islands are a popular tourist destination for travelers to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef with the area being one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Humpback Whales pass through the waters between July and September during their annual migration. There is some contention as to exactly which islands are within the informally named Whitsunday Islands, in particular those at the southern extremity and the inclusions to the west.

Several islands have large resorts, offering a wide variety of accommodation and activities. A great way to experience the amazing wonders that await at the Whitsunday Islands is with a holiday package to get more bang for your buck.

Choose from an existing package or speak to one of our experienced consultants to customise a package just for you. The rest are undeveloped and are just waiting to be explored by adventurous holidaymakers keen to walk the many trails and perhaps camp overnight at designated National Park camping grounds.

The Whitsunday Islands are dotted along the east coast of Queensland like emeralds in a silver sea. Chartering a yacht or bareboating is a popular way to explore the seaways, beaches and coves. What is certain is that they lie within the chain named Cumberland Isles by Captain Cook now officially the Cumberland Islands and a reasonably defined section of that chain and surrounding waters have become known worldwide as The Whitsundays, based on a contraction of the Whitsunday Islands designation.

Enjoy great local seafood and produce at one of the many restaurants, and take advantage of the spa facilities to get a massage or treatment. Or for the ultimate birds-eye-view, take the plunge and go skydiving above one of the most amazing natural landscapes in Australia. Whether it be eco-style, family-friendly, all-inclusive, activity-based, food and wine focused or pure luxury - there is a Queensland resort experience to suit everyone.

Or for a more adrenalin-pumping experience, hire a jetski and skim along the water, or take in the panorama of the Whitsundays from the air in a seaplace or helicopter.


After the last ice age approximately 30, to 50, years ago the mountains were partially covered by the rising sea creating the network of islands we see today.The Whitsundays, 74 Island Wonders located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, on the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia.

A visit to the Whitsundays is a feast of the senses, surrounded by natural beauty, dotted with secluded beaches and friendly towns from which to explore. The Whitsunday Islands are dotted along the east coast of. The Whitsundays and the surrounding area is one of the most special places in Australia.

Find out more about this stunning Great Barrier Reef destination. Whitsundays and Surrounds - Queensland - Tourism Australia.

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The Whitsunday Islands is a collection of continental islands of various sizes off the central coast of Queensland, Australia, approximately. The Whitsundays are made up of 74 Island Wonders, on the beautiful tropical coast of Queensland, Australia. Right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, a visit to the Whitsundays is a feast for the senses.

Explore The Whitsundays holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Seen from above, the Whitsundays are like a stunning organism under the microscope.

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Indigo, aqua, yellow and bottle-green cellular blobs mesmerise the senses. Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, the waters are particularly perfect for sailing. Seen from afloat in. Make the most of your visit to the Great Barrier Reef on a full-day tour by fast boat, with five hours to enjoy two premium spots on the reef with snorkeling included.

Pacific Aria cruises for Moreton Bay was formed roughly an overview of the australian islands whitsundays years ago as the sea level rose and inundated what was then an .

An overview of the australian islands whitsundays
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