Article about my ideal home

I want to make my family, friends, and the other that I love proud to me. I always obey their commands. The lifestyle of living in a city or in a country is very diferent. He brings sweets for me. I want to try my best to get my dream house in my future later on.

We are to build a relational faith in our homes, not merely an intellectual faith. My grand-mother and grand-father love my parents. I guess my parents go away soon and let me live where I am living now. However, always you can dream off something better.

Creating An Ideal Home That Your Prodigal Will Find Hard To Leave, But Easy To Come Back To

Remember we have a great Father in heaven who loves our children and family even more than we do. Firstly, In my point of view the main problem is the place you choose to live. I think you will enjoy your daily activity at home and that Article about my ideal home like heaven of world.

On the other hand, at village you wil find less noise, much nature and space. I imagine my home as a hut looks like, this is why I only see wooden furniture and wooden roofs every where.

In the second floor of my house I will make a big living room, the purpose just as a place together with part of my family. I like houses with more than one floor, so not only my house have two floors, it will has an attic too.

Cities have a lot of people living in and are more private than villages, Normally you only know your neighbourds just by sight.

Describing my Ideal Home

Each has a mini refrigerator stocked with drinks and food so that there is always something to eat or drink in the bedroom. I sometimes play interesting jokes with my grand-father and grand-mother. My grand-mother and grand-father share the room near the drawing room.

Secondly I want to tell you how my ideal house must be. While walking by the Sea Of Galilee, he Jesus saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. My dream house is the house that makes me and my family feels comfortable; enjoy the situation, and safe.

We center our lives on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Rebellious children can soften and turn from their sinful ways — they can be restored and follow Christ wholeheartedly.

Sometimes the friends of my father come and take dinner here. Click To Tweet As parents, we need to start with ourselves. In every bathroom there are complete facilities such as shower, the thing that use to organize temperature of the water so that I enjoy when take a bath.

As that kind of atmosphere is modeled for them, it will encourage our children to allow God to transform them in the same way. I will make you We are to join Jesus in His mission.

I know to make my dream house will not be easy for me because it needs a lot of moneyto get a lot of money the first thing that should I do is I must be successful. For this reason, a district or a big town can be the best place for me to live. I respect my parents and old grand-parents.

It would be a place where real discipleship is taking place, people are being helped to draw closer and closer to Jesus. My father is an advocate. When my grand-father goes to the cowshed, I go with him. In every side of the second floor there are many windows, the purpose just so that I can enjoy the view from the second floor.

My piano is also placed there were I often play pieces that I have composed myself. There are six members in our family. On my birthday my mother invites other teachers of her school. My sister is a student. Another important room is the music room where I have a system to play songs and music from all over the world.

A home that is hard to leave but easy to come home to is a place where we provide for our children the real version of Christianity — not a harsh and unforgiving version. As she is a teacher, she prepares food in the morning and preserves it properly for lunch.My Dream Home My dream home is a place of beauty, serenity and inspiration.

It is a bungalow with a huge lawn, planted with fruit trees and flowering plants. There is plenty of space for a table and chairs so that when the weather is fine, my. Apr 26,  · my ideal home As a introduction to my talk, I want to say that I fell fine living at my present house.

I guess my parents go. My Ideal Home. 11K likes. Welcome to My Ideal Home: a visual diary with daily dose of living inspiration, interior design, architecture, DIY and home. Apr 16,  · Could you please correct this article I wrote? Thanks in advance Here's the task: "If you could choose the type of house you would like to live in and its location, where would you live, what sort of house would it be and what features would it have?

Write your article for a college magazine" Since when I was small, I've always dreamt. My ideal home is your daily source of interior design, architecture, home ideas and interior inspirations. My ideal home.

In the s the average home was about square feet and the average cost was around $8, Homes were usually built with two or fewer bedrooms and children shared bedrooms if needed.

Article about my ideal home
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