Attitude and behavior of rural consumers

That evaluation consists of attributing desirable and undesirable qualities to an object. Needs and wants of rural consumers What does a rural consumer want? Consequent to the attitude, that they do not want to hurt or kill this animal, which is expressive of their sacred belief.

Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour: Delighted consumers engage in positive word-of-mouth. They can take the help of opinion leaders such as the sarpanches or community leaders to push forth their products. Most buyers evaluate multiple attributes, each of which is weighted differently.

They have had a high positive attitude towards the animal over centuries. Thus, rural markets offer an opportunity and challenge for the marketers. For an example, cow is a sacred animal for the Hindus.

Family Family is the most influential reference group. They might go to every extent to maintain their position in the society.

On the basis of time spent: In rural markets, people mostly belong to the direct groups and cherish personal relations. For example, Punjabis have a high propensity towards show off. Marketers should understand these cues and design the strategies accordingly.

We are moving into a new area of development and the base is shifting towards Indian Villages. Role played by consumers in decision Making process Needs and wants of rural consumers: Marketers should take these relations to their advantage. Their attitude is expressed in their opinions to respect and look after the animals.

This study will also help to determine the brand loyalty of the rural customer towards the various FMCG brands and thus accordingly companies can build their strategy.

Marketers study the importance of socialization and relate it with buying processes. Factors which influence rural consumers during purchase of a product: They purchase expensive brands to maintain their status.

So it would be very vital to know about the customer behavior in such a segment of the market as it would be of great help to the marketers to understand the consumer pattern in that niche. Attitude is also a tendency to evaluate an object or symbol of that object in a certain way.

While rural markets offer big attractions to the marketers, it is not easy to enter the market and take a sizeable share of the market within a short period.

Attitude has been comprehended in different ways by various researchers and defined as both conceptual and operational. Unhappy customers tell on average 11 other people. It is also common to define attitude as affect toward an object. Attitude and Socialization Consequent to attitude and belief system, certain social classes exhibit a high degree of participation in social and community life while certain societies are individualistic and have low community affection.

The need of the study regarding attitude and behavior of the rural customer towards the branded hair oil has several meanings and definitions. The influence of family in India still continues to influence purchase behavior significantly.

The role of influencers varies in such societies and also can influence the buying process of individuals.attitude and behavior of rural consumers towards branded fmcg products dissertation submitted to punjab technical university, jalandhar in the fulfilment of the requirements for the.

Formulating rural marketing strategy requires an understanding of the rural markets and the significant rural-urban differences and similarities.

Rural marketing philosophy should embody marketing concept and societal concept. Relationship marketing and development marketing take precedence over transactional marketing.

Rural Marketing Attitude - Learn Rural Marketing in simple and easy steps starting from Introduction, In Indian Economy, Influencing Factors, Rural Markets, Consumers, Marketing Mix, Strategies, Promotion Strategies, Attitude of Rural Market, Rural Culture, Rural Development.

Shodhganga: a reservoir of Indian theses @ INFLIBNET Attitude and behavior of rural consumers towards branded FMCG products: Researcher: Sukhjinder Baring: Guide(s): The need of the study regarding attitude and behavior of the rural customer towards the branded hair oil has several meanings and definitions.

Rural market of India has a. A study on attitude and behaviour of rural consumers towards branded FMCG products in Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu Dr. R Senthilkumar Abstract The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is an important contributor to India’s GDP.


Rural Marketing - Attitude

Some facts about Rural India Characteristics of the Rural Consumer Some facts about Rural India Some facts about Rural India • About of 70% India's population lives in rural areas. • There are more than 6,00, villages in the country as against about cities and towns. • Rural consumers are different from urban consumers.5/5(1).

Attitude and behavior of rural consumers
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