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Then it goes on with his advent This is an autobiography of Sir Alex Ferguson, widely regarded as the best soccer manager in England, and the world. Putting down an early marker. For a minute I thought it was a get-up, a performance. Over dinner with Campbell and the Blairs just a week before the general election landslide, there he was giving tips on managing the future Cabinet.

The mistake they all made, Ferguson thinks, was to look for the secret formula to beat United, when the only way to do that was to be stronger in the long run.

It is not much of a page turner, more of a historical book that, if you like soccer, feel obliged to read. He became too attached to the ideal of a player who would slot neatly into the Arsenal system.

No player, no owner, comes close. Whether you admire or despise the man, this is indeed a good read.

Alex Ferguson's new book My Autobiography review

But everyone knows that David Beckham was the boy wonder of English soccer, and that something happened at Manchester United which prompted him and his glamorous family to head overseas.

As in any sport where small margins can make a big difference, what you need in football more than anything is time. Ferguson had a share in the horse with the Irish businessman John Magnier, a very wealthy man whose interests in conjunction with his associate J. One of the misapprehensions about Wenger is that because he is French and professorial-looking, he must be a cultivated man with wide horizons outside football.

Or can be tough. He is certainly old-fashioned when it comes to the language in the book. A conspiracist thinks that nothing is entirely innocent. Even from the smile on the front cover there is very little warmth about this book. The point was to remind the opposition that United would always get there in the end.

His wife, Cathy, and his three adult sons thought this would be a very bad idea, since they knew how likely he was to fret with a sense Book reviewmy autobiographyby sir alex ferguson missed opportunity throughout a long retirement. Ferguson has never fallen for this sort of snake oil. He insisted on his rights.

He uses Keane to personify a fundamental misunderstanding about him. But he could have used his immense authority to fight a piece of corporate carpetbagging that his own chief executive, David Gill, had said was not in the best interests of the club.

Ferguson quickly decided it was time to let Keane go. Was this a ruse to push the price up? In this, his fourth autobiography, he has a chapter about his interests outside football. For a player who prided himself on his intimidating physical presence, this barb could not be more contemptuous.

Club boards and secretaries picked the team. Share via Email Alex Ferguson: This book focuses more about his career at Manchester United. Arsenal began to lose their top players to Manchester City, who signed up one after another with the promise of higher wages and quick success.

But that is what this book reveals: If Ferguson has been prepared to cede some ground to economic realities, he is uncompromising when it comes to the choice, as he sees it, between pursuing the collective project of footballing excellence and the individual project of manufactured celebrity.

He saw off 14 managers of Manchester City, including Roberto Mancini, the only one who actually beat him to a title. Nov 18, Sasha Stanley rated it it was amazing This is an autobiography of Sir Alex Ferguson, widely regarded as the best soccer manager in England, and the world. Yet, much of the time, he sounds like a Tory backbencher of the old school.

Chapter by chapter many rise to threaten to step out of line and question that control.Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography [Alex Ferguson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The celebratory, revealing, inspiring, and entertaining autobiography of the greatest manager in the history of British soccer—fully updated one year later Sir Alex Ferguson's compelling story is always honest and revealing/5().

Oct 22,  · Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography (Hodder & Stoughton, rrp £25) is available from Telegraph Books ( ) for £23 (plus £ p&p) Follow @TelegraphBooks Sir Alex Ferguson4/5.

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography – review; David Beckham – review The significance of the most forceful personality in the game he represents the values of a.

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography – review; David Beckham – review

This book is about the beginning of Sir Alex's football career, until the year was an outstanding year for Alex Ferguson - not only did he lead Manchester United, the most glamorous club in the world, to a unique and outstanding treble triumph, but he was awarded the highest honour for his sporting achievements; a Knighthood from the Queen/5(50).

Sir Alex Ferguson makes no effort to mask his disdain for certain former players in his new autobiography By his own admission, Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t have much time for books about sport.

Oct 24,  · Sir Alex announced his retirement as manager of Manchester United after 27 years in the role. He has gone out in a blaze of glory, with United winning the Premier League for the 13th time, and he is widely considered to be the greatest manager in the history of British football/5(K).

Book reviewmy autobiographyby sir alex ferguson
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