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Sample Band 9 Essay: Children and Education.

Thus, it is apparent that doing such exercises will contribute towards the physical development of a child. Otherwise kids could easily be overwhelmed and worn-out ,eventually learning would be like a nightmare for them.

This could result immense advantages to the students whenever they will confront their future life. Leisure time is necessary for people after working and studying hard, and there are various recreation activities to do base on oneself purpose.

Hence, it has to be considered a part of your business activity, unless you also happen to enjoy it. Most of the people tend to believe that ,children must be taught even through recess activities but some have a contrary view.

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One of the good examples I want to mention is the summer camp. Approximately words [ by - Aqeela] Model Answer 3: Do you agree or disagree?

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By the time they pack their bags, they find that they cannot leave their troubles at home and they cannot enjoy being anywhere else. There are many channels such as watching films, listening music and playing games, our mind will balance again.

To Children leisure activities essay extent do you agree or disagree? I think that it also helps to improve their skills that actually require for their educational programs. In addition children must be encouraged to refresh and recharge themselves to study further as learning with a fresh mind would enable them to grasp easily rather than doing the same wiyh tiresome mind and body.

Sticking with one thing over and over again, would not bring the kind of fresh insights to the work which one can get from other activities. If they cannot play make-believe games, how can they develop their imagination?

In conclusion, it is consequential that children need to play besides the study in order to increase their basic knowledge. Some people believe that children leisure activities must be educational; otherwise they are complete waste of time.

However, I believe that utilising spare interval performing physical activities and watching television will help recuperate their health and concentration. Firstly, by spending time with educational activities is one of the significant trends because student can increase their knowledge with this habit.

About me Sample Band 9 Essay: It is important to remember that children need to develop skills other than intellectual ones, and the best way to do this is through activities such as sports, games and playing with other kids.

Today, education has become a priority for many parents seeking to secure a good future for their children in this rapidly changing world. Otherwise, it can result in a low feeling for first couple of days on routine work and may result in some disorientation and confusion.

The manner in which children spent their free time varies greatly from one to another. Therefore, it is obvious that such breaks will help them to enhance the attention level. But, now they have no free time due to the fact that this world is becoming more competitive in terms of educational activities.

Drawing from examples in Sweden and reviewing games, such as Pokemon, I firmly believe that all activities should have an educational value. The idea to fuse both education and entertainment into one activity is a goal of many educators, some would even believe that failure to do this makes the activity pointless.

As an example, many famous scientists like Einstein was always engaging with extracurricular activities rather than studying. Thursday, 31 August After long day at work or school, we usually feel tired and need to relax. In addition, for such a rule to be passed it must be upheld by scientific research.

There is definitely no harm with developing interests that will put you in touch with the right people, but do not try to convince yourself that you are having fun, while the truth is otherwise.

In conclusion, it is consequential that children need to play besides the study in order to increase their basic knowledge. One important point is that the children, who expend their leisure time with play and other extracurricular activities, they can improve their mental as well as physical growth.

Sometimes the thought of indulging in a leisure activity would help people pull through a particularly rough workday. In addition, continuous focus towards studies can result in the problems related to the concentration. They think that children get a lot of free time and it must be channelized to do various educational activities in order to equip themselves with the rising demands of modern society.

Then the amount of sheer relaxation that can be derived from a game, a rehearsal or a pleasant drive is no less. On the other hand, it can be argued why kids require free time to spend their own ways.

Also, some of the physical activities like sports and exercise keep them fit and healthy and help them to maintain their physical strength.In the past, children had large amount of leisure time to do various types of works such as playing games, walking in the park and gossiping with others; but, now they have no free time due to the fact that this world is becoming more competitive in terms of educational activities.

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Check out this band 9 IELTS writing example essay on the topic of leisure! To derive a double benefit from anything is considered a bonus, and this is especially the case when discussing leisure activities for.

Below is my first essay on leisure time, every comment is a helpful advice for me! Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve. Essay topics: children and leisure activities Submitted by DOLLY on Sat, 09/03/ - Q)Children’s leisure activities must entirely be what extent do you agree or disagree?Substantiate your views with examples.(B gud text book).

Subject: Leisure Activities Limited Subject - Advantages and disadvantages, Children, Pacific Thesis While leisure activities are perceived to present some disadvantages to children in the Pacific, there are more advantages it presents in terms of social and physical development.

Support for Thesis 1. Dec 28,  · Idea Generation for this essay: In agreement (Children’s leisure activities must be educational).

Free time activities of children affect significantly to their overall growth. In this regards, effective and educational leisure activities are always helpful/5(5).

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