Clear channels grip on college radio essay

We simply have to attribute to certain communities a vastly divergent set of trusted authorities. And this is why trust, rather than mere reliability, is the key concept.

Broadcasting still plays an important central role in the media use of every day Americans. InClear Channel sold 30 million event tickets, 23 million more than its closest competitor.

Our Facebook feed consists mostly of our friends and colleagues, the majority of whom share our own political and cultural views. They are isolated, not by selective exposure, but by changes in who they accept as authorities, experts and trusted sources.

A climate scientist analysing core samples depends on the lab technician who runs the air-extraction machine, the engineers who made all those machines, the statisticians who developed the underlying methodology, and on and on.

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Her earnest attempts at intellectual investigation are lead astray by her upbringing and the social structure in which she is embedded. The law was supposed to clear up confusion on the airwaves, but it didn t. Our teenager, too, needs to throw everything away, and start over again.

These decisions, like the ones fromwere also challenged, and then reviewed by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals panel, under the provisions remand in the first Prometheus case. Five days later, a second unreleased draft study, which had been generated as part of the Review, also surfaced.

The message contained a short series of clicks. As social scientists tell us, we like to engage in selective exposure, seeking out information that confirms our own worldview.

As Elijah Millgram argues in The Great Endarkenmentmodern knowledge depends on trusting long chains of experts. Any particular reader might, of course, be able to answer positively to one or two such questions, but nobody can really assess such a long chain for herself. Favoring the first through the implementation of structural limits on numerical broadcast station ownership, while paying lip service to the second through a seemingly endless rulemaking proceeding, in a vain effort to ensure the third which the FCC repeatedly claims to be the most important, the Commission has struggled to find evidence to support the decisions it has made regarding the media ownership rules, most notably during the release of new regulations in June of Given the limited band of frequencies in FM for music stations, it would be tough to have specific radio stations for the hundreds of genres that music can be categorized into.

The new data does, in fact, seem to show that people on Facebook actually do see posts from the other side, or that people often visit websites with opposite political affiliation.

Epistemic bubbles also threaten us with a second danger: Instead, we depend on a vastly complicated social structure of trust. One contribution was he could broadcast radio waves of different lengths, or different frequencies. The consumer is always right.

They hear, but dismiss, outside voices. It depends on the intervention of another. We should not dismiss the threat of echo chambers based only on evidence about connectivity and exposure.

McCombs, a local used-car salesman. On the basis of the anti-monopoly legislation, the Sherman Act, which was passed inNobody in Particular Presents filed charges against Clear Channel in August A social network composed entirely of incredibly smart, obsessive opera fans would deliver all the information I could want about the opera scene, but it would fail to clue me in to the fact that, say, my country had been infested by a rising tide of neo-Nazis.

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With the mileage and sheer advantage that owning so many radio and television stations nationwide afforded them, Clear Channel practically could do anything it wanted to do in the industry.

The elements of the judicial review in Prometheus II were very reflective of the issues raised in the decision from Prometheus I.

Third, at the local level, the report marked a downward trend in the number of owners in Arbitron markets. A good biologist from a bad one? This is an explanation in terms of total irrationality.

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In just seven years, the top two companies, Clear Channel and Cumulus Media, had come to own more than 1, and just over respectively.

Third, at the local level, the report marked a downward trend in the number of owners in Arbitron markets. More College Papers.

The History Of The Nfl essay The Beginning of the N.F.L The year was and pro-football was in a state of confusion. The three main problems that led to all the confusion were, salaries rising, players jumping from team to team and the use of players still enrolled in college.

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Clear Channel Communications, owner of 1, stations across the United States, has been undermining the values of diversity, localism, and market completion within the music industry since the media policy wars in the early s.

One of these radio stations is North Central College's radio station. NCC's radio station is the WONC FM. Often times, smaller college radio stations or other non-profit radio stations have trouble competing with some of the bigger stations out there.


Clear channels grip on college radio essay
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