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The Chipko Movement quickly spread across all the communities and helped in the conservation of forests. In order to rationalize the usage of these materials energy plantations are badly needed. In India, the government and NGOs are taking keen interest in the protection of wildlife.

On the whole, people living near the forests usually use the resources of the forests in a way that much damage is not done to the environment. This has a harmful effect on the growth of vegetation because, without regular grazing by sheep, the grass first grows very tall and then falls over, preventing fresh growth from below.

Under this export or import of these endangered species is subject to strict control. World Wild Life Fund is the international agency, which is doing commendable work in promoting the protection of wildlife.

Forests and wildlife and renewable resources which need to be diligently protected, preserved and increased in a planned way.

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They carry telescopic rifles and other weapons, use traps and poison food and kill the animals. It is found that there has been a gradual reduction in the number of male animals in elephant herds. Ecological measures are badly needed to prevent soil wash, prevention of noise and dust and other forms of pollution.

The Wild Life Protection Act, has been suitably amended to make the provisions more effective. The full blown assault on forest and wildlife saddens all the Indians and wildlife lovers in foreign countries. Nearly four million tons of fuel is reported to be needed for cremation in the country.

When we consider the management or conservation of forests, we find that there are four stakeholders in it. The silviculture programme has many advantages: There are national agencies also engaged in the conservation of wildlife. The structure of a forest has a bearing on its influence on noise effect.

They play a key role in the maintenance climate, rain-patterns, water and soil conservation. One of the main aims of the management of forests and wildlife is to conserve the biodiversity which we have inherited.

Crocodile farming has been an outstanding success in places like Bangkok, and India should step up such projects. In fact, the people living near forests had developed practices to ensure that the forest resources were used in a sustainable manner.

Otherwise we could not be able to conserve our resources. In order to plant trees for timber such as pine, teak, and eucalyptus, etc. They started by working for the conservation of large wild animals such as tigers, lions, elephants, and rhinoceros but they now recognise the need to preserve forests as well.

The forest trees were thus saved. Similarly, in Pauri Garwal district of UP some leopards turned into man-eaters.

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It is needless to indicate here the manifold advantages of vegetation in ameliorating the climatic conditions, maintenance of stream flow, conserving the soil and general maintenance of the eco-system including flora and fauna.

The extensive plantations raised by Government have been earmarked to industries and the common man continues to feel the pinch of shortage of fuel wood.

Although must countries of the world are very particular regarding conservation of wildlife, the number of wild animals is reducing day by day. They are the natural home of much type- of animals, birds, reptiles, insects etc.

This is because without preserving forests, we cannot conserve wildlife wild animals and birds. In the major way the aim of the forestry program can be divided in the two parts, that are that one can create the green belt for the change of the landscape of the ground and second is plant that trees which will help the nature in the term of most ecofriendly and which will conserve the natural things and the sphere of the nation.

Forests form the backbone for many wood and pulp industries which consume power and if forests are lost the power cannot be commissioned. This indicates the alarming rate at which the tree growth is depleted on the countryside.

To get out from this problem people of the world should have to plant the trees and the they have to conserve the forest for good nature.

One out of every seven persons of the world live in India.Essay on “Conservation of Forests” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Conservation of Forests Floods, population problems and other environmental hazards have been increasing. Forests are one of the most important natural resources that have been gifted to mankind for its sustained existence on earth.

Conservation of forests is therefore a necessity that requires to be addressed as a priority. Conservation of Forest- Essay for Student and Slogan Important of Forest Conservation: Forest is the most important for the protection and the stability of the earth’s atmosphere and the global warming.

The forests are the essential for the human in the living manner of the world in the areas of the home. On the soil, climate and on. A large area of land on which trees and other plants grow naturally is called a forest.

And the wild animals (like lion, tiger, elephants, deer, snakes, etc.) and birds which live in a forest, are called wildlife.

May 24,  · Free Essays on Conservation Of Forest And Wildlife. Search. Wildlife conservation Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild plant and animal species and their habitats. Protection and conservation of forests and wildlife are essential to maintain the earth’s health and environment.

The earth is the only known living planet and it is because of its special environment and ecology which are life-supporting.

Forests are part and parcel of our environment. They are.

Conservation forests wildlife essay
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