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While he hummed classical music, he would point to the right or to the left with his thumb, deciding whether each one was to live or die. Most European countries had made advances into nations in Africa and South America.

The chaos was unbelievable. The ignorance was very costly because it led to World War II. Though Hitler acted malicious towards the Jewish race this could have been fixed with some effort put in by the other countries.

Therefore, they contributed to the escalation of a World War and the eventual mass genocide of the Jewish race. This further demonstrated the increasing level of conflict in the region. All major European powers and the United States did not recognize the true threat that was posed by Hitler, which ultimately hurt the Jewish race the most.

Headlines like this one screamed off the pages of the Volkischer Beobachter, the Nazi party Newspaper: These then led to conquests in the later parts of the Nineteenth Century where the colonial nations exploited these countries by obtaining their abundant resources for their own gain [5].

All the countries in Europe were stronger than Germany as a whole so they could have stopped Hitler and his racist approach.

He had spelled them out in the Mein Kampf, a book readily available to anyone who wished to read it. His murder was also an act of protest by a small group of people that did not represent the Serbian government.

No on pretended any more.

They did not consider the far reaching effects that their actions would have and these were demonstrated by the global war that was as a result. These expansive movements led to direct competition between the European states for the abundant resources that the nations being colonized had.

This act was argued not to have been of major consequence that warranted the European nations going to war.

Since the United States rejected the program that would have allowed thousands of more Jews in the U. Without these treaties, the disparities leading to the outburst of all-out war could have been avoided by diplomatic action by the governments.

This resulted in Russia going to direct action when Austria-Hungary made threats to the Serbian nation. The participating nations were thus noted as having made prior arrangements towards the advent of war both in terms of technological advancements as well as promoting other nationalist views.

Thus the poor leadership skill was the main reason that things got out of control. The latter country, however, had to resort to the use of conflict against Britain in an attempt to attain a greater stake of the economic space necessary for recognition as a super power.

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Thus it was not a matter of whether war would erupt but when and to what extent the conflicting nations would go to.

They did not let the Jews enter the United States in large amounts, which made it easier for Hitler to kill Jews in Europe. The rows in diplomatic relations that the European nations had experienced prior to the assassination were becoming more and more prevalent and it took a small spark to ignite the fire that was in the form of a full out war.

This led to a diplomatic row that eventually led to the outright war. The war had deeper roots that just the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. The proponents arguing that war could have been avoided may have valid arguments but factors leading to the war were more pronounced.

This is homologous to what is happening right now with the Eurozone Crisis and Greece. Hitler got stronger as time went on and his racism against Jews was pushed further with the start of Concentration Camps.

Supra Nationalism Nationalism can be considered as the love or loyalty that an individual has for his or her country. The European nations had accustomed themselves to endless alliances that were binding to either side of the rift between the countries. Germany was unrelenting in its military exploits, a further testimony of the confidence it had in its allies.

This is homologous with the Middle East, where the Arab Spring brought so many changes and there were so little responses from the Arab States. On September 15th,Hitler demanded the cession to Germany of the Sudetenland, the mountainous northwestern border area for Czechoslovakia that was home to 3.

Many other industrialized nations joined the war, by joining either of the two sides and included Japan, Italy, the United States, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. And how could WWII be prevented?

Among the main motivating factors leading to war included political and ethnic rivalries, colonial expansionism, autocracy and militarism as well as never-ending alliances leading to rifts between the European nations. Being seen as the enemy, and also being helpless, drove Germany to seek a quick turn table.

They were gassed all day every day at record rates. Jews, Abandon All Hope!Unfortunately, the World War II couldn't have been avoided. The main reason why the WWII couldn't have been avoided is because of how the WWI happened and finished.

InGermany was extremely broken in every possible way due to the Treaty of Versailles and the people wanted to fix all the damage that was caused. Could the American Revolutionary war have been avoided? The American Revolutionary war is a war that changed the American history because America was able to gain freedom from England.

When looking at this war after many years and analyzing all the conflicts that lead to it, it can be concluded that the war could have been avoided. There are several reasons that ignited the war such as the. Could WW2 be prevented Essay; Could WW2 be prevented Essay. Words Oct 17th, 3 Pages.

Show More. Could WWII be prevented? One of the bigger question of World War II was, “could it have been prevented?”. There are many theories that support it could've been prevented and that it couldn’t be prevented. World War II was one of the. Proper leadership at the time would have prevented the outburst of an all out war but since the factors were against long-term peace, a form of conflict would have eventually been realized.

Thus the First World War could not have been prevented completely. Simply by thinking about what could have prevented the causes for WWII in the first place, we can give an answer to this.

Could WWII have been Prevented? Essay Sample

And how could WWII be prevented? With international cooperation. Woodrow Wilson’s call to create the League of Nations and its epic failure is a great allegory to explain why WWII exploded. Negligence and indifference from. WWII could have been avoided essaysAfter World War I, the world was a chaotic muddle of unresolved issues including international distrust, resented economic hardship, and repressed feelings.

Political conditions that existed after World War One created a tense atmosphere filled with international.

Could wwii have been prevented essay
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