Essay on why the world is flat

Instead, we have the most successful, motivated force on the planet. Pinterest Good evening, your majesty. They do not automatically view supporters of fringe theories as "the enemy".

As a professional astronomer you have a clear conflict of interest. Wikipedia may in some cases limit its mention of theories understood to be fringe to specific articles about those theories, and remove their mention from other articles, per the one way principle.

The first is the collapse of the Berlin Wall. That is, readers must be able to check that the material has already been published by a reliable source. You can agree to their ludicrous claims, but point out that Wikipedia is not here to right wrongs, or address grievances.

Some contend that this is a main flaw of Wikipedia; that unlike conventional encyclopedias, fanatics no matter how amateur or idiotic can always get their way if they stay around long enough and make enough edits and reversions.

The article lead should begin with a pure definition. First, it is always difficult to prove a negative existential statement which is in effect a claim about everything there is. At the present time, Wikipedia does not have an effective means to address superficially polite but tendentious, long-term, fringe advocacy.

So what if the article on flat Earth theory is k, and the round Earth article only 8k?

Why the Earth is actually 100% flat

Why do you think lizards are in charge in the first place? NOT"accepted knowledge".

“The World Is Flat” by Thomas Friedman essay

It is claimed that any source that has not written articles that are supportive and uncritical of fringe positions are not suitable as tertiary sources. The digitization process allowed for the sharing of music, movies, pictures, and words amongst other things.

Reversed burden of proof[ edit ] What a scorcher! According to Ghemawat, a big percentage of Web traffic, phone calls, and investments are locally done; therefore, Friedman had gone overboard in his description of the trends in his book.

In his example, Wal-Mart has used technology to streamline the sales, distribution and shipping of item sales. Unlike mountains, the oceans are clearly real, because otherwise where did Atlantis go? But many dedicated fringe advocates are familiar with these policies, and have become expert at gaming them or even using them against neutrally-minded but inexpert editors.

The latter often find their efforts subverted at every step by advocates who revert war over edits, frivolously request citations for obvious or well known information, argue endlessly about the neutral-point-of-view policy and particularly try to undermine the undue weight clause.

In discussing another flattener, Outsourcing, Friedman views that the idea has made it easy for companies and institutions to split manufacturing and service activities into distinct components that can be performed or subcontracted in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

He argues that the world has ceased to be flat in a number of ways. This leads us on to other considerations though, like how thick is the Earth?Why the Earth is actually % flat The few times people have actually tried to make a tall building like the World Trade Centre, it is destroyed by the government.

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Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia cannot claim the earth is not flat Jump to Here are the top ten approaches that might be used by our allegorical Flat Earth advocate to argue that Wikipedia cannot claim "The Earth is not flat": 1.

However, this essay uses the flat Earth as a metaphor for explaining Wikipedia policy, not to describe any authentic. Essay on The World Is Flat The World is Flat Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments of different nations.

It’s driven by international trade, investment, and aided by information technology. “It’s a Flat World, After All” is a journal by Friedman which was published in In this article, Friedman argues the world is " flat " as a result of globalization; it is also a product of a convergence of personal computer and fiber-optic micro cable and software.

The World is Flat -Chapters 7 & 8 Essay example Words | 9 Pages. The Right Stuff Constant change and a flat, global competitive market landscape were described by Thomas Friedman, author of The World is Flat, as triple convergence and was a result of the ten flatteners.

Essay on why the world is flat
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