Explain why some places have a

Since different parts of Earth enter and exit daylight at different times, we need different time zones. The axial tilt on Venus is Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial.

Countries found on the equtor are relatively hot. Lia 5kindness 1 Countries like Singapore do not experience the four seasons because they are on the equator ,which is the part of the Earth that bulges.

July 1, at 3: But there are may other factors that influence the temperatures. So they are hot throughout the year and do not experience the cold seasons. It changes because earth goes round the sun in its orbit but at the same time, it also goes around itself.

The Industrial Revolution enabled European countries in particular to make great progress in production. If we had one single time zone for Earth, noon would be the middle of the day in some places, but it would be morningeveningand the middle of the night in others. Proximity to ocean current that have temperature different from the surrounding water.

Finally, in recent decades we have seen a rise in global brands, particularly in technology. Nicole June 30, at 5: Colourbox Why is the Western part of the world enjoying wealth and growth, while other countries are left behind in poverty?

The idea is that some countries have established institutions that form a good breeding ground for education, savings and technological progress — or they have simply been blessed with a culture or a geography that has formed a productive environment. Any time, any season, the northen and southen hemipheres have opposite seasons.

When your location rotates out of sunlight, you see the Sun set.


These tend to reduce the extremities of temperature. Therefore,Earth being the equator, does not have the four seasons. Singapore and Malaysia are countries near the equator,so it is hot throughout the year.

Why Do We Have Different Time Zones?

So, no four seasons for us then. Hence, countries in the further away from the equator experience the 4 seasons. To allow as much time as possible for prayer, the Cistercians streamlined their work and minimised their consumption. June 30, at Hence, Venus has very little in the way of seasons.

Some extrasolar planets — planets orbiting distant stars — have been found with more extreme orbits. One of the clues the thesis follows begins in France inwhen a breakaway group of monks formed a new monastic order.

July 1, at 6: Having looked at statistics covering 40 counties in England, the researchers concluded that regions with many Cistercian monasteries experienced a higher population growth in the period The tilt in the axis of the Earth is called its obliquity by scientists.

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This affect the rate of absorption and release of heat by the soil. It is therefore interesting to study factors affecting the timing of the Industrial Revolution. Hence,summer is warmer than winter. Beacause of the positioning,they experience mostly hot and rainy weather.

The Earth is currently decreasing in obliquity. Today these countries are way ahead of certain other countries in the world.

June 30, at 6: Some of these factors include the following. Countries like Singapore and Malaysia near the equator are nearest to the Sun. This is because virtually all societies back then lived with an absolute minimum of economic security and survival, which meant that any additional income resulted in more survivors — which resulted in an increased population — while lower income led to fewer survivors.

Barriers such as mountain ranges that restrict the flow of winds from other regions. Countries experience 4 seasons because their climate changes over a period of time and they are not too close to the equator.Jul 22,  · do some places on earth get more yearly sunlight then others?

Why some countries are richer than others

like i live in a frozen tundra and it gets dark around pm in the winter. but do some place like Status: Resolved. Jun 29,  · July 1, at PM Steffi Kong said Some countries like Singapore and Malaysia don't have the 4 seasons because,they are near the killarney10mile.comies near the.

Get an answer for 'What factors help make some countries more globalized than others?' and find homework help for other Globalization questions at eNotes. Some places suffer from water shortages more than others.

A obvious reason maybe because the place in which they are simply may not have any water near them. Get an answer for 'Since some cities are on the same latitude, explain the difference in temperature for the cities.' and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes. ELI5: Why does the coastline have beaches in some places and Rocky cliffs in other places, even right next to each other?

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Explain why some places have a
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