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Along with the other essays, this book provides a wide range of viewpoints from all sectors of sociology, history and the humanities.

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English became taught as a second language beginning in the Fifth Standard. Burmese English continues to use Indian numerical units such as lakh and crore.

Characteristics[ edit ] The preferred system of spelling is based on those of the British, although American English spellings have become increasingly popular.

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During the British colonial periodEnglish was the medium of instruction in higher education, although it did not replace Burmese as the vernacular. Constructing the Muslim Enemy.

English was the medium of instruction in universities and two types of secondary schools: English schools and Anglo-Vernacular schools where English was taught as a second language.

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On 1 Junea new education policy was implemented to replace Burmese as the medium of instruction at all state schools, although universities, which continued to use English as the medium of instruction, were unaffected.

InBurmese replaced English as the medium of instruction at the university level, with the passing of the New University Education Law the previous year. Burmese English is non-rhotic.

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The Coming Religious Wars. Burmese English resembles Indian English to a degree because of historical ties to India during British colonization. Columbia University Press, This essay presents a very divergent viewpoint as compared to that of political theorist and practitioner Samuel P.

Regnery Publishing, The main question posed in this book is which is the real "religion of peace," Christianity or Islam. Islam and the West. Lewis has put together a very interesting and viable collection of essays in this book, many of which explore the often overlooked heritage shared between Western culture and Islamic culture and how the histories of both cultures have become intertwined over the last two hundred years.

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It also borrows words from standard English and uses them in a slightly different context. Currently, English is taught from Standard 0 kindergartenas a second language.

History[ edit ] The British Empire annexed modern-day Myanmar in three stages over a six-decade span — Huntington whose views on the "Clash of Civilizations" is now being questioned and examined with much scrutiny.

These essays also focus on the current conflicts between the West and Islam and offer a number of viable solutions.- Certificate in Intermediate English Course (British Council) - Certificate in Japanese Language Proficiency (Level 3) - Certificate in short intensive English Training (MUSFX) English (Fluent in 4.

The current conflict in the Republic of the Union Myanmar, or Myanmar for short, is one that is both political and ethnic in nature. With the significantly largest population of Myanmar, or what others call Burma, being the Bamar people in Myanmar they have heavy control over the government and military power (Thant, ).

Translation of Myanmar in English. Translate Myanmar in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. Translation; Traductor; Myanmar Translation On Other Language: English Greek Arabic Spanish Russian Turkish French Croatian. Myanmar in English. Aug 31,  · Re: Myanmar writing Sep 6,PM according to my IM translation, i got 3 different translations, "the basement" or "Monday nights" or "edible", depending, if you put the marks "" into the question.

very funny. Myanmar English is the register of the English language used in Myanmar, spoken as first or second language by an estimated million people, about 5% of the population (). History. The British Empire annexed modern-day Myanmar in three stages over a.

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