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Protect the environment: Go plastic-free with these 11 easy everyday tips

Once they suspect a chemical may be toxic, it is studied to determine the human reference dose, which is determined to be the lowest observable adverse effect level. Plastic thrown on land can enter the drainage lines and choke them resulting into floods in local areas in cities as was experienced in Mumbai, India in After all, knowledge is power!

Unbanization has added to the plastic pollution in concentrated form in cities. Effects on Human Beings: Take your litter back home with you if there are no receptacles on the beach.

Laboratory experiments demonstrated that green and loggerhead turtles actively target and consume plastics whether it is small pieces intermixed with food items, or single 1 to 10 cm2 sheets. Polycarbonate plastic, which is clear and nearly shatter-proof, is used to make a variety of common products including baby and water bottles, sports equipment, medical and dental devices, dental composite white fillings and sealants and lenses.

A plastic bag looks like a tasty jellyfish to an indiscriminate feeder like the sea turtle, but plastic is indigestible. And one of the worst environmental effects of plastic bags is that they are non-biodegradable.

Essay on Plastic Pollution: Top 4 Essays

Typical consequences include decreased growth rate, longer developmental periods at sizes most vulnerable to predation, depleted energy reserves, and lower reproductive output and survivorship of animals.

Every day, more and more plastic is accumulating in our oceans. Plastic debris is categorized as either primary or secondary. Using existing resources to convert from petroleum-based plastics to bioplastics. Humans can be exposed to these chemicals through the nose, mouth, or skin.

Sea turtles are affected by plastic pollution. It died within a couple of hours. In the last decade, plastic has affected the health and life of human beings very badly. It was found that pellets found on beaches in America, Vietnam and southern Africa contained compounds from pesticides suggesting a high use of pesticides in the areas.

Careless disposal of plastic can have dire consequences. The lantern fish is one of the main bait fish in the ocean, and it eats large amounts of plastic fragments, which in turn will not make them nutritious enough for other fish to consume.

The oceans are filled with harmful plastics which are being digested and entangled by sea life on a daily basis Dissanayake, Sixty per-cent of 6, surface plankton net tows conducted in the Western North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea from to contained buoyant plastic pieces, typically millimetre in size.

Init was estimated that gulls in the North Sea had an average of thirty pieces of plastic in their stomachs.


Thin plastics are thrown anywhere and everywhere causing the following environmental degradation problems: As young sea turtles indiscriminately feed on pelagic material, large occurrence of plastic is common in the digestive tract of these small sea turtles, often resulting their mortality.

Nurdles are manufactured plastic pellets a type of microplastic used in the creation of plastic products and are often shipped via cargo ship. At sea, plastic bags may often be mistaken for jellyfish, whilst on shorelines seabirds have been seen to pick up plastic items the same way they pick up cuttlefish bones.

Marcus Eriksen of The 5 Gyres Institute, there are 5. Look for and reward earth-s friendly packaging choices, e. All these actions by the plastic industry have one common theme: These factors contribute to the persistence of plastic debris in certain environments.

There were overtons of plastic debris in the ocean in Eriksen et al. Because the plastic is cheap it gets discarded easily and its persistence in the environment can do great harm. It serves as a means of distribution of organisms to remote coasts that are not their native environments.

It does this by binding to globulins that normally bind to sex hormones such as androgens and estrogensleading to the disruption of the balance between the two.Events like Plastic-Free July blow me away. Imagine, an entire country trying to reduce its plastic use for an entire month.

I want to help the momentum of Plastic-Free July spread across the globe - or at least to my corner of it. Pollution: Polymer and Plastic Free Zone Essay * PLASTIC POLLUTION However, if the people of the world were to address the issue it would definitely help both the environment and it's people.

There are many activities that can be done by both the common citizen to the governments of the world, which could severally improve the. Welcome. I'm Beth Terry, an accountant from Oakland, killarney10mile.comI unexpectedly found myself an activist, author, and public speaker after learning about the devastating effects of plastic pollution and my own plastic site has evolved from a simple blog (formerly known as "Fake Plastic Fish") to a comprehensive resource on plastic.

The Effects Of Plastic Waste Environmental Sciences Essay. Print Reference this. Then we will take about some proposals can help to less a damage of plastic.

Cite This Work. Environmental Sciences Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Environmental Sciences Essays Examples of Our Work Environmental Sciences Dissertation Examples. And from the landfill, many plastic water bottles end up in the ocean.

5 Gyres has historically supported bills to help change this reality: This year, we have endorsed AB (Stone), which requires that all single-use plastic bottles sold in California have the cap connected to the bottle to prevent litter, increase recycling, and help the.

With the launch of the Plastic Free Campuses (PFC) project, the students at UCSB became the first in the nation under the PFC project to directly take on the plastic industry by targeting their.

Plastic free zone essay help
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