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Even detail-level work such as the iron railings for balconies and stairways are full of curvaceous elaboration. It is divided into three porticos, each of which represents a theological virtue Hope, Faith and Charity. The lower spires are surmounted by communion hosts with sheaves of wheat and chalices with bunches of grapes, representing the Eucharist.

Essentially none of the interior surfaces are flat; the ornamentation is comprehensive and rich, consisting in large part of abstract shapes which combine smooth curves and jagged points. The apse is capped by a hyperboloid vault reaching seventy-five metres feet. He wanted every statue and figure to be painted.

In this model, parts already built are shown in brown It has three facades; the nativity, the passion and glory facades with eight towers that rise above meters. For definitions of the architectural terms, see Cathedral floorplan.

This wonder in Barcelona has been carried from one architect to another for over a hundred years. This effect is the result of a three-dimensional intersection of helicoidal columns for example a square cross-section column twisting clockwise and a similar one twisting counter-clockwise.

Besides branching to support their load, their ever-changing surfaces are the result of the intersection of various geometric forms. The Tree of Life rises above the door of Jesus in the portico of Charity.

Organ[ edit ] In an organ was installed in the presbytery by the Blancafort Orgueners de Montserrat organ builders. Above there is a pyramidal pedimentmade up of eighteen bone-shaped columns, which culminate in a large cross with a crown of thorns. The crossing rests on the four central columns of porphyry supporting a great hyperboloid surrounded by two rings of twelve hyperboloids currently under construction.

It is built in a neo-gothic style with pointed gothic arches, the towers are decorated with fantastic flowers and the pinnacles rupture into bunches of fruits. I must say that Gaudi represented the bible in stone in this piece of work.

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A bronze figure situated on a bridge creating a link between the towers of Saint Bartholomew and Saint Thomas represents the Ascension of Jesus. It has a wooing demand for a personal connection.

When standing at an angle, the pillars looks like trees in the forest, this is because Gaudi has used the 5 standard type of a design.

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The central vault reaches sixty metres feet.Sagrada Família Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family.

Nuestra Familia Essay - A gang is an organized group with a recognized leader whose activities are either criminal or, at the very least, threatening to the community. A revised and proofread essay example on La Sagrada Familia - one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Barcelona.

The Sagrada Familia Essay Words | 8 Pages At first sight the Sagrada Família is awe inspiring and breath taking and with this has become recognized as the universal symbol for Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain's capital city, and is unmistakably one of the most magnificent structures ever erected in this region.

Essay on La Sagrada Familia La Sagrada Familia Barcelona, Spain The building decorative features, construction, materials, floor plan La Sagrada Familia has been built using the architectural style "warped Gothic".

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