Thesis on impact of leadership on organizational performance

Therefore, this information would help in developing the literature of the proposed research by focusing on the job satisfaction and organizational commitment among the employees of the selected organizations.

Significance of the study The study results would be significant in helping clear the controversial issue concerning leadership style and organizational performance.

Where a boss views his employees as subordinates, a leader views his employees as part of a team and seeks to empower them so that they exceed minimal expectations. Therefore, leadership can diminish conflicts, allow cooperation, unite people, and promote creativity. The leaders also encourage innovation and creativity among the subordinates by reframing problems and questioning assumptions Daft, Specifically, the study indicated that bureaucratic, complex, and leaders who do not encourage a close relationship with the followers report poor performance in their duties.

The Impact of Leadership on Organizational Performance

Leadership and Organizational Performance Ibrar claims that there exists a significant relationship between leadership and organizational performance. Giving an employee the necessary resources and expertise can also improve their performance Itegi, We will write it for you from scratch!

These leaders aim at approaching old circumstances in new techniques.


Most of the literature undertaken in relation to the field of leadership and organizational performance is general. Kotter admits that without a leader, chances of mistakes are increased while the probability of success and goal attainment is lowered.

To determine this, the research would also assess the various characteristics of transformational and transactional leadership styles. Meyer postulates that these factors can be affected by leadership style adopted within the organization. Leadership Approaches There are various approaches to leadership, each with unique characteristics and ideologies.

For example, sales numbers are key factors for your business success, so it is imperative that you address these numbers in a very black-and-white system. The information is based information collected in relation to leadership styles, transformational leadership, transactional leadership, relation between leadership style and organizational performance.

However, in the current world of business, financial indices are only a part of the tools for assessing an organizations performance.

Non-financial instruments should also be considered while assessing an organizations performance. The leaders objective is to alter the minds and the hearts of the followers to enlarge their insights, understanding, and vision to ensure that their behavior is congruent with their values and concepts.

Active management by exception component means that the leaders monitor the performance of the followers and take the relevant actions in case of any deviations to ensure that goals are attained. This makes analysis difficult while the validity and reliability of the results are compromised.

On the other hand, a study by Eslami and Gharakhani indicated that autocratic and leaders who tend to support their followers towards achieving the common goal report a high performance.

These studies adds to the proposed research by indicating the various attributes that can contribute to high or low performance among the leaders.

In more authoritarian scenarios, this leadership style can become a fear-based style, in which employees are constantly concerned about losing their job for one or two mistakes.

The available literature presents a cascade of limitations that the current literature aims at addressing. Inspiring and empowering build loyalty and trust, which are positive qualities that create a strong, productive corporate culture. Which leadership style is effective in enhancing an organizations performance between transactional and transformational style?

A leader needs the same work done but looks to help employees find their internal motivation to achieve it. Contingent reward component means that the followers motivation and will of goal achievement is based on the nature and size of the reward.

Additionally, the study would be significant among the organizations by enabling them adopt a favorable and an effective leadership style. Chapter II Literature Review This chapter contains information on the previously undertaken researches relating to the proposed study subject.

Address the sales representative needs to meet their goals without exception. Bass and Avolio state that transformational leadership occurs when the leaders concern is focused on the interests of the followers, so that they shape the interests of the organization beyond their own interests Bass et al.The purpose of this research proposal is to assess the impact of leadership style on organizational performance, focusing on transformational and.

EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE: determining the impact of effective leadership on the between effective leadership and organizational. The Impact of Leadership Behaviours and Organisational Culture on this thesis contains no material previously organisational history and performance.

thesis the combined effects of leadership style and organizational culture type on psychological empowerment and organizational commitment submitted by. 2. To determine the extent the organization's culture impacts its employees' performance and satisfaction.

3. To determine which attributes of the organization's culture have the greatest impact on an employee's satisfaction and performance. 3 4. To determine to what extent the direct leadership impact's employee performance and satisfaction.

5. Review Paper: Leadership styles concluded that organizational performance is influenced by Impact of transformational leadership styles is more.

Thesis on impact of leadership on organizational performance
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