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Either option takes care of 2 6 credits of the required 4 12 credits POLS courses you will need to graduate with honors in the major. Non-circulating print copies of theses and dissertations are available for viewing in the Archives and Special Collection Department at the Thomas J.

Submit your proposal for an Honors Event here. These activities are paid for by the Alan R. Attendance acquaints honors students with the professional expectations of political science research.

While your thesis adviser will guide you in this process, you should start looking at the Thesis workshop uconn literature on topics you are considering as soon as possible. At the end of your senior year you will hand in a final paper from each of your courses which will, collectively, Thesis workshop uconn your thesis project.

Many topics will be appropriate to a political science thesis. For Dissertations and Theses after Usually at least one graduate course in every subfield is offered each semester, although the specific focus of a graduate course is typically based on the particular research interests of the faculty instructor.

Graduate courses that count toward the Honors degree may not be used toward a graduate degree. It also fulfills your W in the major.

Applications are made available to all thesis students at the beginning of the fall semester. Graduate or Law School Applications: Both options require permission numbers from the respective instructor s.

They will prepare event reflections and submit them through Portfolium. Thesis students are required to present at REPS. There are three ways to get access to electronic UConn Theses and Dissertations: Please read through the material below.

Connecticut AND thesis followed by a department name or other keyword. The choice between them depends on your situation and what you would like to get out of your POLS Honors experience.

Once you have the schedule of classes and know which graduate courses you may be interested in taking, email the faculty instructor of record and ask for a permission number to take their course.

Graduate course work prepares you for the rigors and expectations of coursework at an advanced, professional level. Graduate course work provides the opportunity to learn from two different POLS faculty members with expertise in two different topics, thus allowing for variation of interest.

Theses and Dissertations in Print: For the graduate course option, you will need to obtain permission numbers directly from the instructors of record.

This arrangement clusters dissertations by academic department. Unlike the undergraduate course schedule, there are fewer courses offered at the graduate-level each semester and what is offered varies widely.

Locating Theses and Dissertations in the online catalog: If there is a discrepancy between this list and Student Administration, you can assume the latter is more up-to-date.Workshops Find and register for workshops at the UConn Library.

Tutoring Centers Get help from the Writing Center, the Q Center, and more. You can also search the library catalog to locate electronic UConn thesis and dissertations by topic that are held in [email protected] Use the following keywords + [topic] to find them. POLS Honors Programming.

POLS Honors Programming

Many of these events and opportunities are made possible through the generosity of UConn alumni Alan R. Bennett, who established an endowed honors professorship in Political Science for the purpose of developing enrichment and research programming for undergraduates.

Exploring Business Theses

Thesis Support: Thesis Workshop. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is a resource for all undergraduates in all majors on all UConn campuses seeking to enrich their undergraduate experiences through participation in research, scholarship, and creative activity.

Thesis Workshop Tuesday February 16, in the School of Business Dean's Boardroom (3rd Floor) pm Advisors attending are: Nora Mad. Multiculturalism & Global Citizenship: Events in this category help UConn Honors students develop the skills – and desire – to engage stakeholders across borders, social identities, and cultural contexts.

Recognition of common human dignity while celebrating the diversity of the human experience is a hallmark of an empathetic, contextually. In order to fulfill the honors thesis/graduation requirement in your senior year of the major, the POLS Honors Program provides two equally rigorous and.

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Thesis workshop uconn
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