Traveling is more important than reading books essay

A person who is widely read is able to mix with others. I read a lot of self help books and motivating essays. If you like this send some claps my way, share this article and also read my article about why Everyone should write. Experimenting with different approaches to live life.

Such books also help us develop an overview of what is happening around the world. Besides these, contemporary books on important topic such as economy, globalization, taxation, environmental science, social issues, etc. Reading is a must if you want to write.

Having confidence in reading only comes from the daily practice of reading. But what I have observed is that reading is a lazy activity.

We are the dwellers of this speedy advancing world. It can make a stagnant, barren mind rich and cultivatable. They are supposed to have specialized knowledge in their area of practice.

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Essay On Importance Of Reading.

If you are writing about your opinions, you need to be clear. It brings the best out of someone.

Short Essay on Importance of Reading Books

The man who has stopped reading as soon as he begins to earn, may soon find that he has ceased to each according to his growing needs. Second,reading makes us understand the world more. Importance of Reading Modern books Modern Books are not to be neglected or despised.

As a result of reading books over a period of time, a learning process is formed. Reading gives us ideas. One of the objects of studying the Ancient is to be able to appreciate whatever is good and wherever it is fond.

You need to read again. You can read mindlessly and not understand a thing. Anyway we will have enough chances to travel later. In this article we will study the importance of reading classic books, modern books, and vocation books. It just kills the boring time. We can learn physics,chemistry,mathematics and philosophy etc.

But it actually made me read more such articles. Thus a widely-read man is a better conversationalist and is able to see the other side point of view. Medically it also plays a vital role to eradicate depression and unrest.

And yes it is difficult. Good reader can understand the individual sentences and organizational structure of a piece of writing. Current experiment is Writing: According to the Harry Lorine who have written the book "Phenomenal memory" emphasize that people remember forever the things which forced them to feel happy, to feel sad or hurt them when they feel it really with their own heart with the helps of visual followings even sounds and see it with their own eyes.

Of course,traveling gives us direct experiences. Writing on the other hand is difficult. The traveling helps you to understand the world better because as written in old sayings "to see once better than hear a hundred times" it is the same with reading because yes when you read you may feel all determined actionsdescribed feelings but it will be better if you feel and to have a look with your own eyes the same episode in books.You can read mindlessly and not understand a thing.

Also reading is deceiving. You read through something and you understand it completely. In some time though you forget about it. You need to read again. Sometime reading gives you a false assurance that you are taking action. I read a lot of self help books and motivating essays.

Of course,traveling gives us direct's much more exciting and active than's necessary for a person to expand his you have a chance or enough money and time, you can travel around the world,it will make your life more pleasant and make you have a deep understanding about the people and the world.

By traveling around the world you will know much more about the country, its culture, people living in the country, the mentality of the country than just reading books, because you see everything with your own eyes, and impressions and experience remain in your memory of almost for all life.

In this article we will study the importance of reading classic books, modern books, and vocation books. Importance of Reading Classic Books It.

travelling is better then reading textbooks to understand the world

Traveling is more important than reading books to understand people and the world. A book about another country tells you about things such as the country’s history, its people and its culture in a very general way.

When meeting foreigners, I. When people travel, they have more interaction with both native people and other travelers. For example, Cancun in Mexico is one of the most visited cities in the world because of its beaches.

Cancun receives travelers from almost every city in the world.

Traveling is more important than reading books essay
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